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Leadership is a subtle talent. Our podcast series brings focus to the art of leadership. We provide a source of insight and advice from those who have successfully led people, teams, and organizations. On Leaders247 accomplished leaders share tips, lessons, and ideas for how to become an effective leader.
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Oct 17, 2019

Today we welcome Dan Watt the Chief Operating Officer and a Senior Vice President Broadband Communications Systems at L3 Harris Technologies.

Dan is an experienced senior executive and turn-around artist. Dan is often called into the most difficult business situations to revive them.

Dan has over 26 years of service with L3 and L3 Harris Technologies companies.

Dan has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona and an alumnus of The Wharton School’s Executive Leadership Program.

Dan is someone I describe as a leadership fundamentals guru. Dan is a people-person and knows how to help others reach their potential. He cares deeply about people having the best possible experience while at the same time accelerating business success.

We welcome Dan to our show.

Jun 20, 2018

Today we welcome Mark James to our leadership show.

Mark is the Senior Vice president of Human Resources, Procurement, and Communications at Honeywell.  

Mark has an impressive pedigree in international business leadership. 

In this podcast, Mark shares unique insights on leadership topics such as:

  • How to have both a successful and enjoyable career while still having a life,
  • How to use data to make important policy decisions,
  • How to approach talent development,
  • How to become a sought-after talent,
  • How to build trust in your organization,
  • And how to lead a multi-national organization.

We welcome Mark James to Leaders247.

Jun 9, 2018

Today we welcome Sarah Petrone, the Senior Vice President of People and Culture at the Portland Trailblazers. I should warn you up front, I grew up in Oregon and the Blazers are near and dear to my heart.

Sarah is a strategic leader in diverse industries and organizations. She has a vast set of experiences in retail, manufacturing, biotech and sales operations. Sarah has spent a lifetime creating high performing teams, and development programs and continuous improvement initiatives. She has a passion for building organizations where coaching, development, and constant learning are emphasized.

Sarah was named to the Portland Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 group. Sarah holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Marylhurst and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State.

We welcome Sarah to Leaders247.

Jun 9, 2018

Today’s podcast is unique. It was my privilege to spend time with Elgie Bellizio – also known as Blitz. Blitz is a Navy World War II Veteran, a retired Naval Captain, a former high school football, baseball, track, and basketball coach, a former high school sports director, and a person who has dedicated a large portion of his life to helping young people transform their lives.

Blitz is a hero in many ways. He is one of our remaining National Treasures from a time that we need to remember. One thing that is most impressive to me about Blitz is his desire and ability to continue to serve young people. He started the Sunrise House in Salinas, California to treat teenage drug abusers. He is a pioneer in recognizing that counseling needs to extend beyond the addicted individual to families, friends, and the community. Blitz is highly recognized by leaders, including President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 Presidential Recognition Awards for Community Service, the Governor of California - George Deukmejian, among many other high-ranking public leaders.

I hope you enjoy this unique podcast featuring Elgie Bellizio. I have included pictures and additional documents about the great life of Blitz on our website. Included in our podcast post is an article published by Blitz entitled “Approaches to Drug Problems within the School Setting.” 

Dec 11, 2017

Today we welcome Sue Galatz, a longtime Nike leader in business and strategy to our leadership show.

Sue is an innovator, thought leader, and a process genius. A chemical engineer by education, she uses a creative discipline to bring new ideas to life.

I first met Sue during my early days at Nike. She has remained an incredible influence on my leadership life, and a good friend and mentor. I pattern my organizational leadership after the lessons I learned from working with Sue at Nike. I am thrilled to have Sue join our show.

Disclaimer: I want to point out that the views expressed on this program do not represent Nike or any other organization. The views are independent and our own.

More About Sue

Throughout her career, Sue has focused on bringing new ideas to life.  She’s skilled at bridging strategy and action. With more than 15 years at Nike, she’s worked the “white space” between functions to evolve capabilities and business models.  Highlights include driving new concepts and social change, elevating brand frameworks, and optimizing operational efficiencies.  Prior to Nike, Sue spent more than 15 years in high tech leading change in business strategy, supply chain, manufacturing, and innovation.   Skilled in multiple functions, she’s also worked across multiple cultures/geographies including Europe, Japan, Brazil, and China.  Her leadership approach – architected for impact… ”head” & “heart”… and end-to-end --  builds teams and their capacity to drive change.

A native Oregonian, Sue holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from the University of Portland.

Always up for an adventure, outside of work, you’ll find Sue outside doing something active.

We welcome Sue Galatz to Leaders247.


Oct 7, 2017

We welcome Robert Ordever to our leadership show.

Robert is the Executive Director for O.C. TANNER – Europe (Chief Operating Officer).

Robert leads the operation for OC TANNER out of their U.K Headquarters. Robert has a unique background in both operations and HR, which gives him a passion for creating workplace culture that is innovative and allows people to perform at their best.

I was anxious to have Robert join this show so we could stretch more into an international perspective. I was not disappointed.

In this podcast, Robert shares unique insight on a number of important leadership topics, including

  • How to think from an international perspective regardless of your location,
  • How to build lasting trust in your organization,
  • And how to nurture a culture that produces global leaders.


About Robert

Robert joined O.C. Tanner in 2014, and as Executive Director he leads the operation for EMEA out of the U.K Headquarters. From luxury retail with Harrods to Premier League football with Fulham Football Club, Robert's Human Resources and Operational background has given him a real passion for creating a workplace culture that truly gets the best out of its teams. At O.C. Tanner, his passion and drive helps each of our clients win and remain winners. Outside of work, Robert is a proud Dad and devoted Fulham fan.

Aug 10, 2017

Today we welcome Alton Chung to our leadership show. Alton is an amazing storyteller of cultural tales and personal stories of growing up in Hawaii. He tells stories of WWII Japanese Americans, Asian folktales, and ancient Hawaiian legends.   

I first heard Alton at the Timpanogos Storytelling festival in 2016 and he made an immediate impression upon me. He has a unique ability to subtly portray important leadership principles in simple beautiful stories about people.

Alton’s stories are steeped in wisdom, integrity, trust, and many other important leadership qualities.

About Alton

Japanese and Korean storyteller Alton Takiyama-Chung, grew up with the stories, superstitions, and the magic of the Hawaiian Islands. This gives him a unique perspective when telling cultural tales and personal stories of growing up in Hawaii, stories of WWII Japanese-Americans, Asian folktales, and ancient Hawaiian legends. He was awarded the National Storytelling Network’s (NSN’s) first J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Award in 2005.  Performances include: the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival in Utah, the Cayman Islands Gimme Story Storytelling Festival, Singapore’s Congress of Asian Storytellers, the International Storytelling Festival of Thailand, and the International Storytelling Festival in Hue, Vietnam.  He has also been the Teller-in-Residence at the International Storytelling Center and a New Voice Teller at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN.  His DVD, LIFE IS THE TREASURE: Okinawan Memories of WWII and CD, TALES FROM THE LANAI have both won Storytelling World Honors.  He is also the former Chairman of the Board of Directors for NSN. 

We welcome Alton to Leaders247.

Mar 26, 2017

Today we welcome David Williams to our leadership show. David is the Chief Executive Officer of Fishbowl, the #1 provider of manufacturing and warehouse management software for QuickBooks and asset tracking solution for large enterprises.

David is a successful author with articles regularly appearing in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and other major business periodicals and blogs. He is also the author of the book “7 Non-Negotiables of Winning.”

David is a natural leader and an instinctive business person.

Since taking over the leadership at Fishbowl, the company has gained national recognition, including positions on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies, and the Deloitte Fast 500 lists.

In this podcast, David shares insight on leadership topics, including:

  • How to create a people-centered culture.
  • How to unlock your company’s talent.
  • Creative compensation and management approaches that engage the workforce at all levels.
  • How to lead with authenticity.

We welcome David Williams to Leaders247.

Jan 3, 2017

Our guest today is Dave Barram, former CFO of Apple. Dave has over 24 years of experience in leadership in Silicon Valley. From 1983 – 1985 he served as the CFO of Silicon Graphics, Inc. From 1985 – 2006 he served as the CFO of Apple. From 1993 – 1996 he also served as the Deputy Secretary and COO with the U.S. Department of Commerce. From 1996 – 2001 he was the administrator of General Services Administration under President Clinton.

This interview is full of insightful and fun lessons on how leaders make a difference. Dave loves life and as you listen you will hear an amazing journey, throughout which Dave maintained a grounded perspective on what matters most. If you like this interview, you may also like an article I wrote about Dave entitled: Leading by Creating Value.

Important leadership lessons uncovered in this show include:

  • What are the leadership skills needed by C-level executives?
  • How does a leader perpetuate values and grow a healthy organization?
  • Why does integrity matter?
  • What do leaders do to develop their people?

Dave has unique insights on leadership and we are thrilled that he spent time with us in our Leaders247 leadership series.

Dec 27, 2016
Doing it Right: Principle-Centered Leadership

We welcome Alex Shootman to our leadership show. Alex is the President and CEO of Workfront. He is a seasoned business leader with more than 25 years of experience leading revenue and profit generation for tech organizations.

If you like with principle-centered leadership coupled with social innovation, you are going to love this show. Alex is an innovator in the art of leadership. His success in business is a direct result of his ability to develop leaders and build teams.

In this podcast, Alex shares unique insight on a number of important leadership topics, including

  • How to develop and lead a sales team
  • The business value of diversity
  • Why middle managers are more empowered than they think
  • How to strategically grow your career
  • And
  • How to avoid common leadership mistakes


About Alex

Alex holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin.

As President and CEO of Workfront, Alex drives the overall strategy, vision, and execution for the company, ensuring that Workfront is a dedicated partner in helping its customers transform the work experience. Shootman brings more than 25 years of experience in all areas of revenue and profit generation for technology organizations, with significant experience leading SaaS-based companies.

Prior to joining Workfront, Alex was president of Apptio, where he was responsible for the company’s integrated sales and services functions globally. Prior to Apptio, Alex was the President of Eloqua, where he was responsible for leading the organization’s global sales, customer success, and field operations teams. Alex was integral in leading Eloqua’s category creation as an enterprise SaaS company, and in 2012 was a member of the team that helped bring Eloqua to a successful public offering, subsequently being acquired by Oracle. Shootman has also held executive-level positions with Vignette, TeleTech, BMC Software and IBM.

In his free time Alex can usually be found trying to convince his legs that they really don’t hurt on a road bike or running trail, admiring the view from a 14er in Colorado, or down on a reef in his home state of Hawaii. That is if his four kids leave him any free time.

We welcome Alex Shootman to Leaders247.

Nov 9, 2016
The Asset of Human Capital

In this show Jennifer Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Zions Bancorporation, joins us to discuss four important topics:


  • Developing yourself as a leader.
  • Understanding how diversity and inclusion improves business outcomes.
  • Effective leadership for the modern age.
  • What you will need to succeed in the future.


Jennifer Smith is Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Zions Bancorporation. Smith previously served as director of Enterprise Operations and her responsibilities include executive leadership for the Customer Care Centers, as well as all Deposit, Treasury, and Lending Operations for Zions Bancorporation. Before joining the Enterprise Operations team, Jennifer was Zions Bancorporation’s Director of Internal Audit reporting directly to the audit committee of the board of directors.  


Prior to joining Zions in 2006, she held various positions at Wells Fargo & Company from 1995-2006, including Senior Vice President Operations Risk Management and Senior Vice President and Director of Technology and Operations Audit.  She holds an honors B.A. degree and M.S. degree in economics from the University of Utah.  Jennifer has received several business honors, including being named one of the top “40 Business Leaders under 40” by Utah Business magazine in 2010.  In 2011, she was named as a member of 1 of 4 top U.S. banking teams, in American Banker’s “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking” edition and one of the top “30 Business Women to Watch” by Utah Business magazine in 2012.  In 2012, she was named an International Women’s Forum leadership fellow. 


Jennifer has a commitment to community service.   She has been an active leader in United Way's collective impact initiatives creating improved community outcomes in education, health, and income.   She is a member of the YWCA of Utah’s Board of Directors and has previously held positions on the United Way's board of directors and as a chair of their Women's Leadership Council. She is an active Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Utah mentor.  In 2011 she received the Women’s Philanthropic Network’s Member of the Year award, and United Way’s Heart and Hands award.  Jennifer, her husband, 17 year old daughter, and 14 year old son live in the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah.


We welcome Jennifer Smith to Leaders247.

Sep 17, 2016
The Business of Leading HR

In this show Eileen Kunze, Vice President of Human Resources at A-dec Inc., joins us to discuss three important topics:

  • Creating a business led and aligned human resource organization.
  • Developing new leaders.
  • Issues facing women in leadership and crafting a diverse organization.

Eileen has had a long and successful career in human resource leadership. For over 25 years she has made HR a competitive advantage for A-dec. Headquartered in the beautiful Willamette Valley in the picturesque town of Newberg, Oregon, A-dec is a global leader revolutionizing dental equipment since 1964.

I first met Eileen in 2007 doing leadership research in my doctoral program at George Fox University. I was fascinated, at that time, by the advanced thinking she provided in the area of people development, and specifically, in developing emerging leaders. I decided to check back in with her almost a decade later to find that all of her visionary ideas, and then some, had been implemented. As a result of Eileen’s business leadership, A-dec enjoys a comprehensive people development program that uniquely aligns with their business strategies. Eileen and A-dec combine for a text-book case study on how to do HR.

Eileen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Linfield College, and has completed the Executive Management Program at Stanford University.

We welcome Eileen Kunze to Leaders247.

Jul 30, 2016
Women in Leadership

In this show Dr. Susan R. Madsen joins us to discuss issues dealing with emerging leaders, women in leadership, and ethical issues of leadership.

Dr. Susan R. Madsen is the Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics in the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University. She is also a Visiting Fellow of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb (Croatia), a Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Lancaster Leadership Centre in the U.K, and a Fellow of The Leadership Trust Foundation in Ross-on-Wye, England. 

Dr. Madsen has been heavily involved for the last decade in researching the lifetime development of prominent women leaders. She has personally interviewed a host of women university presidents, U.S. governors, and international leaders, as well as studying many aspects of women and leadership more broadly. Susan has conducted related research in the U.S., the six Arab Gulf countries, China, and Eastern Europe.

Overall, Susan has authored or edited five books and has published well over 100 articles, chapters, and reports. She is a globally recognized speaker in local, national, and international settings. For example, she has presented at United Nations NGO sessions, The New York Times, the Argentina Parliament Palace, the House of Commons in England, and in many countries around the world. Susan is the founder of numerous successful networks, including the International Leadership Association’s (ILA) Women and Leadership Affinity Group, and she serves on many nonprofit, community, and association boards and committees.

She has received numerous awards for her teaching, research, and service. She is the lead co-editor of the Women and Leadership Book Series and co-edited the first three volumes. Susan received her doctorate from the University of Minnesota in human resource development. 

This interview references an important Opinion piece Dr. Madsen wrote for the Salt Lake Tribune: We must act locally and globally to improve women’s lives. We encourage our listeners to read this important article.

You can learn more about Dr. Madsen at these sites:

Utah Women & Education Initiative

Women’s Leadership Institute

Utah Women & Leadership Project

We are pleased to present Dr. Susan R. Madsen on our Leaders247 podcast series.

May 30, 2016

Our guest today is Tim Rahschulte, Chief Learning Officer at Evanta. Tim is also a Professor at George Fox University’s School of Business. He is also a prolific author on topics of leadership, organizational change, and strategy.

Tim has a diverse background and a wealth of leadership experience in both the for-profit and non-profit world. Tim started in corporate finance managing the cash and investment activities for a $3 billion company, dozens of bond indentures, and average daily investments of $200 million.

After earning an MBA, Tim entered the consulting field and that led to a couple of venture funded start ups. Following his startup experiences, Tim began his teaching career and at the same time consulted for the government, where he served as a principal executive manager leading large-scale system change initiatives and business transformations.

Important leadership lessons from this show include:

  • The importance of recognizing leadership is a social journey
  • Techniques and tips for leaders early in their career
  • The art of leadership and how to improve the entire ecosystem
  • How to distinguish yourself as a potential up and coming leader
  • Leading global project teams
  • Non-profit vs. for-profit organizational leadership differences

We are pleased to have Tim Rahschulte as a guest on our Leaders247 leadership series.

Feb 23, 2016
How to Assess Your Ability to Lead

How can you determine if you are an effective leader? 

You do not need expensive or complex tools.

In this short microcast I provide a simple way to observe yourself, and to quickly and accurately assess where you stand as a leader.


Feb 14, 2016
Leading People and Growing Culture

Our guest today is Hal Halladay. Hall is the Chief People Officer at Infusionsoft – a fast-growth people-focused company. In this interview he provides powerful insight on the art of leadership as both a people function and an organizational function. Hal has a wealth of knowledge on leading organizations, leading start-ups, and leading people.

He has been a top officer and founder of several start-ups and has been responsible for helping many companies get both their startup capital as well as startup leadership.

Hal is a visionary strategic leaders. But he is quite unique in that he stays grounded and understands what it takes to lead people of all types and at all levels through a successful venture. You will find amazing credentials on his Linkedin page.

Some of the things you will learn in this podcast include:

  • What top officers look for in future leaders.
  • How to use data to enhance the people leadership function.
  • How to find the best talent for the organization.
  • How to become an attractive leadership candidate for a great company.
  • Mistakes a budding leader ought to avoid.
  • The art of entrepreneurship and starting your own company.

We are pleased to present Hal Halladay on our Leaders247 podcast series.

Feb 14, 2016
Good Leadership is Tied to Talent

Our guest today is Enrique Washington, a founding partner of the Generator Group. I first met Enrique when he was working at Nike finding great talent for a great company. Enrique says his most meaningful work is to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. He has been instrumental in creating and implementing leadership acquisition and development strategies, with a focus on diversity within organizations. I count Enrique as one of my personal friends and a great mentor who, through his way of living life and conducting business, has demonstrated the right way to do things.

A few things you will learn in this podcast:

  • The link between good leadership and finding good talent.
  • Some of the most disastrous things a leader can do.
  • How to attract and develop great talent.
  • How to find and use a mentor.
  • How to take full advantage of your talent.
  • How leaders transform organizations.

In the podcast Enrique refers to an article he published in Diversity Executive entitled, “Diversity Is Not a Numbers Game.”

Feb 13, 2016
The Art of Trust and Leadership

Our guest today is Niel Nickolaisen, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at O.C. Tanner, ranked on the Fortune 100 “Best Companies to Work For” list.

In this interview Niel offers a laser-focused perspective on the art of leading people and building capability in others. Niel has a passion for the development and delivery of innovative technology, providing exceptional customer service, and building great teams. He loves nothing better than seeing his IT teams grow and succeed.

Niel has a long career specializing in leadership positions, typically in turnaround roles. His strategic and tactical alignment model significantly improves returns on technology and business initiatives. He has a passion for helping others deliver on what he calls the dual role of enterprise IT: 1) Enable strategy and 2) Achieve operational excellence.

Niel’s degrees include:

  • MS in Engineering from MIT
  • BS in Physics from Utah State University
  • MGA from Utah State University

He writes an enterprise CIO column for SearchCIO and is a contributor to CIO Magazine. Niel is also a co-author of The Agile Culture and Stand Back and Deliver.

Some of the things you will learn in this podcast include:

  • How to build trust with your people.
  • The qualities sought after in future leaders.
  • Pitfalls leaders ought to avoid.
  • The art of developing future leaders.
  • How to build a strategy that creates competitive advantage.
  • What to know about leading technologists.

We are pleased to present Niel Nickolaisen on our Leaders247 leadership series.

Feb 9, 2016
Caring about People

Our guest today is Kevin Crandall, Vice President at Xactware Solutions, Inc., located in Utah Valley just south of Salt Lake City. Kevin has been with Xactware since 2004, and over this time he has held positions of General Manager; Assistant Vice President of Implementation; and now Vice President of Quality and Claims Solutions. Kevin is one of those people you just like to get to know. He’s been highly successful everywhere he has been, and it doesn’t take long to learn that Kevin cares about the people he works with.

For those who don’t know about Xactware, let me explain. This is a unique company that develops software for estimating the cost of building and repair. 22 of 25 U.S. property insurance companies use Xactware Solutions.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why some people are constantly selected for leadership.
  • How to turn a leadership failure into success.
  • Guidance for young aspiring leaders.
  • How to use your management role to help others.

We are pleased to host Kevin in our Leaders247 Leadership Series.

Feb 9, 2016
Leading and the Startup

Our guest today is David Stirling, a Founding Executive, Chief Executive Officer, and President of doTERRA, a worldwide health and wellness company headquartered in the heart of Utah Valley in Pleasant Grove, Utah. David is one of the individuals responsible for having grown this company from a start-up idea to a place that now employs over 1,300 people, engages over 1 million Wellness Advocates, and enjoys many million-dollar revenue days. doTERRA is one of the fastest growing companies in history.

David’s journey is an interesting one and anyone looking to gain insights into the challenges of leading people in a dynamic international market will enjoy this particular show. In this show some of the key insights David shares include:

  • How to lead high performing people.
  • How to organize a top leadership team.
  • Why it is important to learn to be strategic.
  • Mistakes you just cannot afford to make.
  • Lessons for growing as a leader.
  • Principles to live by as a leader.

We are thrilled to have David kick off our leaders247 series.

Feb 9, 2016
Lead Brave, Lead Strong, and Lead True

Former Marine Officer and current professor, Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas shares valuable lessons from her journey into the world of leading in the mostly male-dominated U.S. Marine Corps environment.

Watch for three themes in this show:

  • Challenges facing new leaders.
  • Challenges facing female leaders.
  • Challenges facing veterans returning from combat-like conditions.

Our discussion weaves in and out of all three themes providing priceless leadership insight for anyone facing a demanding leadership role.

Dr. Thomas is a professor of Health Promotion at Charleston Southern University.  She is a former Marine Officer, a fitness professional, and the author of Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance. highly encourages listeners to read her book. Men and women who return from combat and war-like situations deal with scarring and debilitating mental and emotional issues that most people cannot conceive. But, Veteran or not; or related to a Veteran or not; this book provides deep insight into successfully navigating, and then healing from intense and traumatic situations. Every leader should know this content.

We are pleased to present Dr. Kate Thomas on our Leaders247 podcast series.